Little Girl’s Crossover Pinafore Pattern {and Tutorial!}

Hey y’all – today for Sewing for Babies month I’ve got a super easy project – the Criss Cross Pinafore and Buttercup Bloomers pattern for babies. We’ve got a few options in today’s post. Keep reading to find the FREE m size pattern. If you want the pattern in sizes NB-3T, click the.

Thank you so much for your tutorial.

Sew a reversible pinafore for your baby with this reversible snap pinafore pattern This is a sewing pattern to make your own reversible pinafore dress for your baby.
23 Gorgeous Crochet Dress Patterns for Girls and Babies Note that over time, things change and patterns become unavailable while new ones pop up. Feel free to let me know about any updates or if you would like a pattern added to my roundup.
The pattern for the Little Girl’s Crossover Pinafore that I’m sharing is for ages months but really you could use it well beyond that age range as the pinafore could become a tunic and top later on as your little sweetpea grows.
23 Gorgeous Crochet Dress Patterns for Girls and Babies Note that over time, things change and patterns become unavailable while new ones pop up. Feel free to let me know about any updates or if you would like a pattern added to my roundup.
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A girlish dress with a sweetly vintage silhouette gets some modern attitude on this pinafore-styled dress that display pintuck embroidered detailing. Invite your girl to make a wish! 12m 24m 2T 3T 4T.

I just remembered something…have you tried Dropbox? I got it to work, thanks! Found you on Pinterest today, and I like what I see. Thanks for your very clear tutorial.

All the best, Katy. Thanks for this super easy pattern! I blogged about it here: Will you be posting this on Pinterest? OMG Thank you so much!! Found this pattern and cant wait to try it. Is there a way to make it smaller? Also, back when i was a kid, I had the same top crossover style but it was all one piece.

Is there a way to not do a button or snap and join the pieces altogether? But i would like to figure a smaller size aswell as a toddler size for my niece. Thanks and love the pattern.

Any advice from anyone how to make this in bigger sizes? Would love to make in a size 3 and a size 5. I am pretty much a beginner sewer, but I have this pinned as something to make! Could u email me the diaper cover pattern? I am looking for the diaper cover pattern, 18 months..? Could u email it to me??

Also, of you have the pattern for the pinofore in months, that would be great!!! Could you send be the diaper cover pattern in months? Also, if you have he pinofore in that would be great!! My email is klcpu yahoo. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a precious pattern. I am pinning it and saving it to make for my someday granddaughter. I am pinning it and saving it to make for my some day granddaughter.

I love this dress and diaper cover! Im having the same issue with the PDF iv printed of a few thinking gosh it cant be that hard but im still not getting how to i get it right? Sorry you must be over everyone asking for the PDF!! I love this dress!

I made it today and the pattern was very easy to follow! Thank you for sharing! Is there any reason to make two pattern pieces? I looked at your picture, the one where you lay the inside and outside, right sides facing each other and drew up a pattern that split down the center of the chest. My thinking is to place that on the fold and cut it out that way so there would be no seams.

I hope I am making sense here. Do you think this will work fine? I am making it in about a 4T size so I was unable to use your pattern as is. Love this pinafore…I made lots of them when my 2 girls were little. I even put an applique on one side before sewing them together and made it reversible by sewing buttons on both sides….

Hello, I just fluid your blog and love it! So glad I have a new one in my list! Hi there… me again! This is the cutest pattern, I used to make clothes for my daughter when she was little. Can you email me the pattern for the diaper cover also. I love this pattern. My mother made some of these dresses for my daughters when they were little. I wish I had kept them. Now that my girls are grown and thinking about families of their own I want to be prepared.

Especially since we live in Texas and this is usual wear for about 8 months out of the year. A crafty Stay-at-Home-Dad here… my pattern pieces also do not match up at the dots…. Can anyone send me an altered link? Or shall I just fudge it a bit and re-draw? Thank you for getting back to me! I went right out and bought fabric, but I just now got around to printing off the pattern haha.

I am so excited to start sewing this fab little dress. Thanks so much for your creativity! Diaper covers are pretty easy!

Thank you Maggie for the pattern and tutorial. Hope to make one sooner rather than later. Thank you so much for your tutorial. I am looking forward to making it. Love love this pattern I went out and bought a ton of fabric. Can you please send me the pdf for the diaper cover??? I so appreciate your ingenuity and willingness to share. When I do I will post it as a blog post! Meu email se pude enviar debybarboza gmail.

I can not download the PDF so wanted to do. My email if I could send debybarboza gmail. I sewed this Crisscross Reversible Pinafore for by grandbaby.

March Thank you so much. When my daughter was 18 months old, her grandmother made her a similar Crisscross Pinafore so I thought it especially wonderful to do the same for my granddaughter. Thank you so very much for this and other patterns you have made available! Teresa San Antonio TX.

I found you through Pinterest, and I am now subscribed to receive emails. I had to resize to 3T but it worked out just fine by laying one of her shirts on top and taking some guesses. Your photo of how the pieces should look once cut out and placed on top of each other really, really helped. Looks like a really simple creation. Thanks for the easy to follow directions.

And your choice of fabrics are delightful. This is one of those one yard. What is your source for your personaluzed labels? Have you posted a bigger version yet? LOVE this adorable dress. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern and instructions.

Could I get the pattern for the bloomers? My email is kstanglin yahoo. Hi Thanks sooo much for sharing this Pinnie pattern!! Love, love love it! My new line of Pinnies will incorporate this design! Your blogspot page is truely wonderful and inspirational! What amazing lady you are to find time to create such fantastic things while also have little ones to raise! Kind Regards Pauline paulinemarino hotmail. You can email me at jamole84 gmail. Can you do a mth pattern? Please email me bklaybourne gmail.

Thank you, thank you!! Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial. I loved making it and I love dressing my daughter with my creation! Thanks so much for sharing this!!! Thanks for sharing this patern and tutorial. I did my first Pinafore and i linked your post here: Do you have any ideas on how to make It smaller? My 6 month old is a peanut! Made it today and it swims on her.

Thanks for the tutorial! You can find my version here: I would like the pattern for the diaper cover please my email is: I made an edit to this post back in April regarding the PDF of the diaper cover, read that for more info on it!

I LOVE this pattern! I also had problems with some dots matching up — so I just tweaked my patterns a bit to make it work. To print the patter at the correct size, you have to download it as a PDF and print it. There is a HUGE size difference between printing it from the link and downloading it and printing it. I am totally in love with this little top.

I am not a sewer but i am going to give it a go and am very excited. Yes it would, my pinafores still fit my 22 month old as a top! I am so glad that I found this post! I have made 4 of these pinafores over the past 2 months and I have 4 more waiting to be finished. I made a set of 2 for my best friends daughters who are 33 months and 2 months old.

The pinafore still fit the 33 month old, and I made no adjustments to the pattern. Thank you for putting the pattern and tutorial together! I have a snap press and size 16 snaps will be just perfect, I expect! I have my fingers crossed for printing…. I pinned the pinafore tutorial on my baby dress pattern board so more people would find your instructions. Jan Unique Baby Nursery Ideas. My daughter may have to wear it as a top though.

I sewed this up and it is so cute. This inspired me to do my first button holes on the machine. Thank you for sharing and giving so much time. Do you want to see the photos of the dress I sewed? I also make a bean bag bunny and heart pin in the same fabric to accompany the gift. I am a recycle sewer, I used a thrift store pillow case for the inside layer and it was just enough.

You stressed checking your printer settings…could someone please tell me what I am suppose to check on them? In other words, what is the correct printer setting? Please email me the PDF. Could you email me a pdf at jonirice2 gmail. Could you send it to me at jonirice2 gmail. I want to make this for a 3 month old, any idea how much to shrink down or how many inches of pattern to reduce?

Thank you for this pattern and tutorial. Any idea what I could be doing wrong? Hi, I was wondering how I would change pattern to months? Can you send email to samanthalouiserees rocketmail. I would really like to make this in 24M or 2T can you help me figure out how much would needed to be added to this pattern once printed AS IS?

I made this today for my niece who is going to be born in August. It turned out perfect! Thanks for such a fabulous pattern and instructions! Oh, and I had no problem opening and printing the pattern from your new hosting site. I even did it from my iPhone. I wish I had read this before making the buttonholes!

Snaps sound so much easier! I wonder if I could just sew up the buttonholes and add snaps. I would LOVE to use this pattern but am a little confused when it comes to scaling the pages up. Okay I know that many have asked but I did not see a response. How do I reduce the size down to months? Thank you so much. Hi, just love love LOVE the little labels you sewed onto the apron and the diaper cover.

Where did you get them made? I absolutely LOVE those labels you sewed onto the dress and the diaper cover. I made this last night for my 8 month old daughter. It was so easy to make and your directions were awesome for a beginner like me.

The pinafore is sooooo adorable! You can check out my post with a link to this page here — http: Over 20 years ago I made my daughter one just like this but used velcro. So… I made my granddaughter with velcro and made it reversible!

I will post a pic when I can get one! I just made this for my little niece who turned 1 today. It was easy — once I had the pattern! Thank you for sharing the pattern on your blog. Very kind of you. And I look forward to the pattern for the bottoms to be posted. Just posted about this on my blog and wanted to let you know http: Thank you so much for sharing with us!

I finally made this!! It turned out a little wide and a little big, but hey, my daughter can grow into it! I think I did the button holes like 4 different times before I got it placed where I wanted it..

I have more fabric to make another one, maybe for a baby gift!? Thanks Maggie for the great pattern and tutorial! Hi There, Have just found your blog and love it. I have been looking for a tutorial for a dress but they always look so complicated. You have made it seem achieveable even for a newbie like me: Will let you know how I get on Em.

I made one of these for a gift for a friend of mine and as soon as he sends me a picture of his little girl in it, I will forward it to you. I loved making this so much I am making one for my grand-daughter on the way.

So simple and easy to personalize. Such a nice easy little dress to make. I made mine reversible — you can see pictures here: I used the pattern exactly as written and it made adorable shirts for my 2. I love this pattern, i found it on pinterest.

Im looking to make it for a very small 3 month old and would like to know how to make it smaller. I was also wondering if you could send me the pattern for the bottoms too. I love this pattern, I found it on pinterest. Im looking to make it for a very small 3 month old, i was just wondering how to make it smaller. Also if you could please send me the pattern for the bottoms too. I don;t know if anyone mentioned this, but if you having trouble lining your pattern pieces up you may need to change your printer settings.

What do I do to size this up for a top for a 5 year old? Love your site, excited to browse around more! I love this style pinafore and this tutorial was an awesome find! Thanks for the fabulous instructions!

Hi, I made this dresss for my grandaughter. I had to make it smaller because she is 2 months old, everyone loved it ,also she looks beautiful in it.

Thank you for the pattern I will be making more as she grows. I love this pattern and I have made a couple in the original size, but I want to put my daughter in them now! Is there any way to sew the top and back together without the buttons and just attach them? Any advice would help. Does it make it easier to sew or….???

Does this make sense? But i woud expect it to have a bit of flare like the front? Hi I just made this and it worked wonderfully, especially as it was my first sewing attempt. It is however too big for my 8mth old daughter. How do I make it smaller?? Thanks for your help x Laura laurachin79 yahoo. I love this pattern! Thank you so much for sharing! Could you use metal snaps instead of button holes? Thanks for the pattern and tutorial! I made one for my little girl, you can see it here: I had one of these pinafores for my youngest daughter 28 years ago and loved it.

Now I can make it for her daughter. Thank you so much for the pattern. I had no problem printing and will make it using one piece instead of two. I feel so sorry for you. I wish people would take a little time to read previous comments — most of their questions would be answered. Simplicity has a diaper cover pattern It comes in Small, Medium, and Large and Walmart carries it for only dollars in their stores with sewing depts. Oh I am so excited to find your blog!!

Saving the pattern to print after all go to bed — going fabric shopping tomorrow!! I have 5 grandchildren and another due in June That will be another precious girl — and she will certainly be a dollbaby in some of these dresses!! Bless your heart for posting this!! Getting ready to cut and sew this pinafore for a birthday gift Saturday.

Any suggestions on how to stretch length and width? I would love to make the diaper cover as well, any advice on how to do it, or information where I can find a pattern for them? Thank you so much for this pattern and tut! I made a dress and 2 little diaper covers from your link last night for my 3 month old niece. It turned out so well! Thanks for making me look talented! I would love to make this for my daughter to wear as a longer shirt, size 6.

How would I go about sizing the pattern up? Thanks for such a great tutorial and pattern — here are mine!! If you could reply here or email me at joannbonnick gmail.

This pattern worked great for my 17 month old granddaughter! I used large snaps and sewed buttons on top. Also added some matching pantaloons to go with it! She is absolutely precious in it. Thank you for this pattern! I actually taped the two pieces together where the straps cross and are buttoned , and made a fully reversible version-no buttons! The sewing required a little creative thought, but I think it came out great.

Hi Maggie, I love this pattern. Is it possible for you to send the diaper pdf pattern to my email? I made this outfit using your pattern when my daughter was born, thinking surely it will fit her in the summer….. I just wanna thank you for this so cute dress and great tutorial!! I also made the diaper cover by Dana Made It and a little head scarf for my lovely baby.

I would like to share it with you here: I also made a version using just the front pattern cut out twice, lined but not sewn at the bottom, the lining extends beneath the top dress and is finished with lace so it looks like a petticoat, snap clasps on the shoulders topped with hand-made bows. No photos yet as its entered in the charity auction fundraiser. Hi Maggie, I just finished my little pinafore dress and the diaper cover. Thank you so much for posting in a simple yet rich way. Best wishes, Thais from Brazil.

When I was a toddler my mom made me an apron from a pattern like this and I remember trying to squeeze into it far longer than I ought to because I loved it so much white with red rosebuds and edged in eyelet lace. Honestly it never occurred to me this style could be anything else.

I am so late to this party, but wanted to thank you for posting it! I found it on Pinterest and am looking forward to seeing what else you have posted here on the blog. I am making these for my niece, and plan to make the pinnies reversible. Pink and white dots on one side, gray chevron on the other.

Rest assured that this baby will be stylin! Thank you for sharing. I made this yesterday and it turned out fabulous! Your instructions are so easy to understand. Now if only I had a little cutie to wear mine…. I love your blog!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this. I too would love to know how to scale up the size. Check out my version here http: Is there any reason you cant tape the pattern together and only cut out one piece for the front and one piece for the back? Thank you so much Maggie.

This was my very first sewing project ever! I have added a link on my blog to your tutorial. Hello- I would also like to make this for a year old. Any chance you could scale up the pattern for us? Hi, I am having some printer issues when I try to print it out. From the website where the pattern is shared, it prints out vertical on the paper which I am assuming is just wrong. When I print it horizontally not all pages get printed. I would appreciate any help.

I am expecting my daughter in February, so I still have some time. I made one of these for my 9mo last night, and had fun showing it off today! Already made 2 pinafores from it! One was even done in fleece. Sent you an e-mail with the pics! Thanks again for the pattern! Thanks for the great pattern and tutorial. I have made about a dozen of these, one for a friend, one was donated to a Le Leche League fund raiser auction, and the rest for my little girl.

I have made changes on some, like adding a second button hole or switching out the buttons with ties and making multiple holes to make it adjustable. This was the first pattern I ever used. I am going to try my hand at making my own pattern! Thank you so much for this pattern. I only started sewing the month. This was my fourth sewing endeavor and it turned out perfectly. Would love to make it for my girls!

Can you send me the PDF to my email chengmichelle0 gmail. I just switched the PDF over to be hosted on my website so you should be able to print it out now with no problems! Thanks for the reminder!! I am a beginner sewer, I have my pattern all cut out and my fabric ready. Sorry for the silly question! The seam allowance is included in the pattern so you can just cut the fabric from the exact pattern! Thanks for the pattern! I made it for my 1,5-yr-old elongated the pattern a bit and it is lovely!

I know a lot of people have asked about making it for a bigger child. So would making it longer just work? What else would I have to make bigger?

Thank you so much for posting such a descriptive and easy to follow tutorial. I made this dress today, in about 2 hours. It was my first baby sewing project! Oh, and the hand sewn button link you posted was also very helpful. Thanks again for inspiring us to get creative and to not forget the art of sewing. Thank you for the comment! I am so glad that this tutorial was helpful to you!

I hope your little one loves it!! Hey I love this! Did you ever do a pattern for the diaper cover? I would love a copy if possible of that! Although it will be soon, I just figured out a brilliant way to do PDFs that hopefully everyone can access and print without trouble.

I have a test run going through later this week! Thank you so much for this pattern!!! I LOVE the finished dress… it turned out soooo adorable!

I want to make this cute little dress for my 6 month old grand daughter she ways approx. The original pattern seems like it will be to larger for her. I featured your tutorial and pattern on my blog: Plus, I made a few changes- an extra contrasting panel on the front to see a monogram easier and a change in the button hole placement. Pinafore dress with multi-color hand-embroidery, c rewel work style.

Pinafore with nuanced color thread hand-embroidery, Jacobean style. I deal to combine with shorts, tights, jeans or by itself in the summer. Dresses Girl Dresses Pinafore Dresses. McKynlie Pinafore Dress Embroidered with wild flowers silloute, the Dandelions, this heirloom-quality dress slips over the head and adjusts to growing girls thanks to darling little shoulder ties.

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Dandelion Baby Purple Dress. Jessica Natural Baby Dress. Tessa Baby Mauve Tunic. Baby Lorena White Blue. The wrinkled white cotton fabric requires little care and needs no ironing. Lorena Multicolor Pinafore dress with multi-color hand-embroidery, c rewel work style.

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