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We talked to 22 different women to find the best jeans in all styles and sizes: petite, boyfriend, baggy, cropped, and skinny.

You may wear the same size as your friend but everyone has lumps and bumps in different areas. I too like leggings as I have a high waist so the longer tops help balance me out. I personally don't care for light color jeans. Point is all jeans look good on pound people, but many jeans are trickier if you carry any extra weight anywhere on your body at all — like I do.

Whether you are looking for Mom jeans, boyfriend jeans or your fave signature skinny style from Topshop, we've rounded up the best jeans of the bunch for you to shop now.
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'I always talk about the three season rule - if something lasts for three seasons or more, it becomes a wardrobe basic, and we've been seeing the skinny jeans silhouette for at least 10 seasons now.
Best Jeans for Skinny Guys. For slender guys, I’d always suggest a pair of skinny jeans. They’ll look amazing this season as they’re fresh, edgy and perfect for your denim-on-denim looks in the summer months. Plus, you can never go wrong with a light denim wash.
WOMEN'S SKINNY JEANS Skinny jeans are a staple in every modern wardrobe—and Levi's® skinny jeans for women are the best of the best. Not only do they flatter in all the right places, but they also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and washes to suit every woman's style.
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Levi's Men's 510 Skinny Fit Jeans

Feb 15,  · skinny jeans ROCK i brought the skinniest skinny jeans imaginable the other day and they were a BARGAIN and THEY FIT! (you can never get size 6's in sales) (you can never get size 6's in sales) reduced to £5 in the sale.

When trying on jeans do the sitting down test: Also, remember denim does stretch so if you can do up the smaller size and still breathe let this be your guide. Look out for a curved yoke as this will give shape to your bottom, 2: Flat front pockets take away the bulk from the tummy area, 3: Pockets with curves will give your bottom a lift, 4: Flap back pockets give depth to a flatter bottom. Turn on your JavaScript to view content For more jeans for your Apple body shape click here. None of these models is an apple shape.

All of your suggestions will not help the fact that to get something around my waist the legs are so baggy they feel like clown pants. Hi Frances, All the women who read this blog are all different body shapes and sizes. However, I can offer you a free recommendation on your own personal body shape by getting in touch with me on my Facebook page here https: If you agree comment below and lets get a petition going. Hi Alison, ok so what you need is a style that will create a defined waist and lift the bottom at the same time.

These jeans will give you the appearance of a waist and curves I promise! MiH Jeans — style is called Paris 3: Salsa Jeans — Mystery Curve skinny 4: The Classic Hudson styles come with this flap pocket detail. I hope that is helpful. Maybe you could link to your Tried and tested Apple shaped pictures? Save us scrolling through pages of stick thin none apple shaped people….

Thing is denim brands tend not to use us normal people and only have slim models to sell their jeans, having said that, these jeans are also good for the apple body-shape. Thank you for taking the time to comment xx. Great Article and I love your jean pics.

My questions is what is the name of the jeans for 3. I always wondered why my jeans never looked the way I thought they could now I know why. Thanks for you love of jeans. Hi the jeans in 3 are from Salsa Jeans, you can find them stocked here http: I agree with Corona. It would be nice to see the jeans recommended for Apple shapes on Apple shaped woman.

Vintage shops are good Follow 3 Follow 4 Follow 5 Follow 6 Follow 7 Original post by g2da3 why would you want skinny jeans they make you look gay Follow 8 Original post by tymbnuip I swear to god there was a topic like this before but both search functions return nothing Follow 9 Fox Follow 0 followers 11 badges Send a private message to Mr.

Follow 10 Nudie all the way. Follow 11 I reckon that Slim Fit Jeans are much nicer than tight skinny jeans. Also, have a look at Topman's Premium Jeans, i've just got a pair and keep gettin pestered by various folk about where i got them from. Follow 12 Original post by Mr. Fox Nudie all the way. Follow 13 Original post by Andy oh cheap monday jeans from urban outfitters are really nice. Follow 14 Follow 15 Follow 16 I love skinny jeans on blokes.

I am however becoming increasingly scared at the number of blokes I see who can fit into skinny jeans smaller than mine and im a size Follow 17 Original post by monkeymayhem I love skinny jeans on blokes. Follow 18 Original post by Mad Vlad Your point Follow 19 Follow 20 This forum is supported by: Students as customers Are unis responsible for your grades?

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Shop now: Slim Mom Jeans for £ from H&M. Best skinny jeans. Kate Moss is of course right: skinny jeans will forever be cool. There’s something timeless and versatile about a pair of classic black jeans. Whether you are looking for Mom jeans, boyfriend jeans or your fave signature skinny style from Topshop, we've rounded up the best jeans of the bunch for you to shop now. Primark skinny jeans don't have much 'give' in them, so they don't get baggy after 2 hours of wearing, unlike a lot of others. However, they're not really very skinny on the leg. The jeggings are a bit better (and only £7!), but still a bit loose on the leg.