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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard about the new HK VP9 pistol that was introduced a few months ago. It is one of the biggest new firearm announcements for , and popularity for the gun seems to be growing exponentially.
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard about the new HK VP9 pistol that was introduced a few months ago. It is one of the biggest new firearm announcements for , and popularity for the gun seems to be growing exponentially.

There is absolutely no other official information available at this time on any of these new HK models, so we will have to wait and see. The barrel lengths will be from 11 “, ”, “, ″, ” up to 20 and they are cold-hammered and hard chromed-lined.

No monies or other benefits were paid, offered or provided by HK to do this review. If I decide to keep this gun, I will have to pay for it, though it would be at a discounted price since it it is now a used gun. I was paid to do those reviews, but I was not instructed, told or otherwise encouraged to do a positive review of the pistol. This review is completely original work, though my conclusions are the same as what I reported in the other outlets.

Lastly, HK is not an advertiser at least at the time of this writing, nor am I in any talks with them to be one. Wow…this has to be the best, most comprehensive gun review I have ever read.

Thank you for all of the time you put into this! Not only does the gun look awesome, that Liberty ammo looks to be smoking hot! Can anyone buy that? Thanks for the feedback. Check out my full review here: This past week my wife and I were shopping for handguns and had settled on a Sig P combat. They put a VP9 in my hand and wow, instantly felt like this is the one. Left them with a promise to send my wife up so she can feel it in her hand and to do my own research.

I have read many reviews and watched a couple of hours of video and this is the most comprehensive review I have come across. I am looking forward to buying a pair of VP9s vice a single Sig now. Thanks for the feedback on my review. But, like you, the VP9 just fits my hand so much better. I think you will love it when you get it on the range! Maybe someone else can chime in. I have spent some time with a PPX on the range though in. Both seemed are well built, but the VP9 had a much better trigger and overall feel.

I only through that in because I love my P This is what I wished people would write in the gun magazines. Yes — it is a very positive review which is normally a little suspect but you are so thorough on why you think the gun is good, I have no doubt that you mean every word you wrote. Hey Richard, I first handled the VP9 about a month ago.

It fit my hand like a glove! Did some research, but have not purchased one to this point. Stopped by the gun store again tonight, and after reading your review. My Girl Friend was with me, and I hope Santa treats me right. Great review, and be careful out there. Hi Russ — I hope to hear back Christmas morning that Santa was indeed good to you.

I think you will love this gun. I know I really like mine. Thanks for the awesome review. So again, thank you for this review and have a merry Christmas! Hi Brian — Thanks for taking the time to post, and congrats on the visit from Santa. I think you will really like the VP9.

I shot the perfecto ammo from Walmart in my new VP9 and got excessive brass shavings and eventually a misfire within about 30 rounds.

No problems before and no problems with rounds after cleaning. Then I shot four remaining perfectos from that original box of 50 and immediately got brass shavings again. No problems again since then. Tried Speer Lawman, federal champion, and Blazer now without issue. Trying Winchester gr tomorrow. I wonder if the ammo is out of spec. If I recall correctly, the Perfecto brand is made by Fiocchi which is normally a good brand somebody correct me if it is a different company making it.

I love the Glock for so many reasons. I was working a part time at a gun show yesterday when a lady came up and asked if I would buy raffle tickets for a war memorial. The winner would win a gun. It seemed like a great cause and the little old lady who talked to me was a sweetheart. I bought 5 tickets and got a call a few hours later to say I had won. I took the gun out today and put about rounds through it. Amazing trigger, awesome control and truly ambidextrous. It took a few reloads to get used to the magazine release, but now I love it.

It is extremely capable out of the box. The best part is that I still got paid to work the gun show! When I started life pushing a black and white around, I was issued a second gen G So, they swapped my department out to third gen G22 pistols. I still own the original second gen G19 I bought when I went through the academy. So, I definitely like Glock pistols. That said, I really like the VP9. It feels great in the hand and shoots like a dream.

I think you got a better deal on your though…. Can somebody give a newbie handgun owner a crash course on holsters? The dealer surprisingly had it in stock. We have 48 hour waiting period here so I got to salivate for a few days not knowing exactly what I bought. Thanks in advance for thoughts. I had guessed most of the stuff on holsters but he went into a little more including material types. Now I just have to find a brand. I really like the International holster, but they have several others that look really nice too.

This nice thing is you get everything you need to convert the holster from belt carry to paddle holster and a few other options for the same price. The author of the article talked about a different one as well but said he loved the look of the leather.

We had qualifications at work about a week after I got mine. We have to qualify on anything we plan to carry off-duty so I took my VP-9 out and went through the course. The rangemaster is a friend of mine and of course he wanted to shoot it. But the fact that he said anything nice about this gun is unheard of. I noticed it the first time I shot the gun, but now it feels natural.

This gun continues to impress me. Even though I won mine, I would gladly pay that kind of money for such a great pistol. I have heard of their products before but have never owned or used any of their holsters. However, this small gain in performance comes at the cost of a decreased ability to deliver multiple hits to vital areas. Can you please elaborate? A shooter with a. However, the cartridge is considered to have a harsher recoil than a 9mm by many people.

So, to train to the same level of proficiency, many people will require more training time with the. Therefore, proficiency can be gained more quickly with the 9mm than with the. I understand some people may disagree with this, but this has been my experience. Fortunately, if you prefer the. Hi Richard- thanks for the informative review.

I was wondering if you have any trigger time on a P99 AS? If so, how would you compare? This gun is amazingly accurate. During my CHL range testing a fellow classmate was shooting through the same bullet hole on his target from 15 yards away. At 25 yards he stayed in the bulls eye with every shot. He let me shoot it and my USP 40 compact was no match. Bought a VP9 the next day. Thanks for sharing your experience with the gun. I really like the pistol as well. If you are needing a holster, check out the round up of rigs I put together here: PPQ M1 is a superior handgun.

I owned a VP9 for a little while. Excellent firearm, and I loved the trigger. Accurate, and fit my hand well. Do a little research and find out what the Tanik is copy of? Crappy copy but still its a P I very interested in purchasing the VP9. But recently I ran across this Torture test of the VP9. Now, I know most of us will never put one threw this, but it was concerning.

If anyone views the entire video, please share your Opinion. Saw this and another torture test by a gent in WA state. Have one myself, have over 2k rounds through it.

Have done outside tactical ranges — wet, dry, day, night — and zero issues. My wife bought one her first gun despite my urging her to buy a revolver. I am almost tempted to buy one. Why do men always want women to buy revolvers…because they are easy? The rack is easy and smooth. I am a revolver guy so why would I shortchange women? I think learning to shoot with a revolver and graduating to a semi-automatic is sound. Besides, my round is more potent than the 9, 40 or 45…..

Thank you for your straightforward and honest review of the VP9. Thanks for taking the time to read the article and post feedback. I really appreciate your readership. I apologize for missing your comment earlier. A Glock with ergonomic upgrades from Tourist to First Class. Very comfortable to shoot, and easily the most customizable grip available. The only upgrade I might consider is tritium as mine has glow in the darks as stock. I bought the VP9 LE about a year ago. It came with tritium sights and 3 magazines.

There was a mail-in-offer for four free magazines. Took about a month and I was set. I have been carrying a HK p30 9mm since V3 came out.

This VP9 looks like a nice gun for my wife to carry in her purse. Your email address will not be published. Comments Wow…this has to be the best, most comprehensive gun review I have ever read. Hi Roberto — Thanks for the feedback. It has multiple internal safety devices. Pineapple Passion Rum, whiskey and passion nectars. Planters Punch A concoction of rums and juice. Fog Cutter Vodka, rum, banana liqueur and juice.

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