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Teenage fashion: what's cool now? The girls, too, mesh clothes with music. Grace Horigan, 15, who came to our shoot after sitting two GCSE exams that day, had chosen a day outfit

Cookies make wikiHow better. The look is casual chic. She's also found some cute tops at the resale shop on Lakeshore down the street from Sway , but that's hit-or-miss. Urban Outfitters takes its cues straight from the runways. Known for their stylish, European sophistication, Zara is for teens going after a more serious, fashion-forward look.

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Fashion for Kids and Teens. msg:generalSearchLabel go. Kids and Teens. Kids and Teens Accessories Tops and Sweaters Fashion for Kids and Teens. Fun, fresh fashion for kids, tweens, and teens, from comfy leggings and tees to celebrity-inspired street fashion and prom dresses. When Your Boyfriend Wants to go to Another Girl's Prom.
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The latest fashion trends for teens this year from spring to summer and fall to winter, we've got it all!

Be sure to go all the way to the back of the store where the bargains are. Also, one in Alameda, when you're over that way. Most everything she's brought home has been good quality and reasonable prices.

Nordstrom and McCalou's carry the same brands, but often charge much more esp. She's also found some cute tops at the resale shop on Lakeshore down the street from Sway , but that's hit-or-miss. I've found nice things there, too I often find a piece or two, but if not, it is a quick stop in. Once she knows her sizes, she can check the online sale items regularly and buy that way. It is pretty time-consuming. After she explores some different second-hand stores, she will have a better idea which ones she likes and she will get faster at going through the racks.

Goodwill, Salvation Army, Thrift Town are super cheap; consignment stores like Rockridge Rags less so, but more pleasant and still cheaper than new. Ross has new clothes but it is about like going to one of the consignment stores in terms of work and price.

Also, one store that comes to mind that she might like is J Crew but prob not cheaper than J Jill. Bancroft Clothing , on Bancroft in Berkeley, a block up from Telegraph.

Totally sensible clothes yet edgy and trendy enough- Cal's right across the street, so it's got the college vibe at totally sensible prices. Took her to Bancroft Clothing a couple of weeks ago and couldn't believe how many things she found Lots of basic wardrobe stuff- T- shirts, tank tops, etc also has jean skirts and casual dresses and the like, if you're interested Your daughter sounds a lot like my daughter who's now almost I often find when I complement my friends or my daughter's friends on their clothes they've purchased them at Target.

When it comes to clothing I call it What about Bay Street? There are a few stores I can think of that are suitable for someone with a ''jeans and t-shirt'' style. Try Gap, Banana Republic, J Crew to start but there are about six other clothing stores there that she can try. Many stores that seem trendy on the outside do have a selection of things that might work for her.

Mother of a Clothes Horse. My teen loves to shop at Forever 21, H and wetseal. The styles maybe to trendy for your daughter,but I would give them a try. You can't beat the prices at these stores. I don't have to spend much, and my daughter is sooo happy.

We have a great time. Forever 21 is at hilltop and in S. Wetseal is in Berkeley on Telegraph Ave. H is on Baystreet , S. I just put all politics aside and try to have fun. This really has been great for my realationship with my daughter. They have a lot of different clothes and it is a second hand store so you can get very well made clothes. It has a very easy atmosphere, she can sell clothes back - though they are very choicy when it comes to selling clothes. Also H - there is are several in the Bay Area - the clothes are not that well made, but they are not expensive, and she can try things on.

They are more pricey but if you get to know your closest store they have great sales. The clothes are well made and are sewn to fit real people so they tend to look great. Just watch where my daughter shops. Here are some great sources for teen girl clothes appropriately modest and at a reasonable cost. My daughter and I shop here at least once a month.

There are two keys: The full-price items are expensive. The sales racks are plentiful and items seem to be marked down every few weeks. If you find something but it costs too much, ask the salesgirls when it might go on sale. We have found some terrific clothes Abercrombie and Fitch; American Eagle, etc.

Look at the pictures and read the descriptions to make sure items are new or gently used. The eBay site explains how to join and purchase items. You also can sell her outgrown or unloved items here. She shops here with friends and I've approved of everything she's purchased here. I have a sturdily-built 12 year-old girl who has absolutely no interest in girly things, nor, for that matter, boy-ly things, or super jock things, or ''alternative'' looks.

She's just kind of gender-neutral at the moment. Our issue this school year is clothes. She's been happy in the past with Lands End boys' climber pants--sturdy, great pockets, last forever. I'd like some myself but she's not fitting into the Lands End kids clothing lines anymore, plus she's tired of them.

Online I've found ''tomboy'' clothes for surfer and skater girls but they all seem to have low-waists down to there, etc. In other words, still pretty girl-gendered despite being for ''tomboys''. Unfortunately, with pretty much all girl's blue jeans being tight-fitting, low-waisted, or covered with, like, flower embroidery, she has become very anti-bluejean which rules out the only alternative I can see.

Any ideas for sensible sturdy clothes for the junior set? Dickies makes some un-ornate more uniform style pants for kids. Here's a link to some: You might try Boden-- http: They tend to have more gender-neutral styles and well-made clothes. I have found that the fit of their pants varies a good bit some looser fit than others , but they have customer reviews that often address fit and I've had good luck finding things to fit my sturdy girl by reading those comments.

Also, it's a bit expensive, but they frequently have discounts and promotions. I consider it a splurge, but worth it for good pants. In a Similar Dilemma. They offer simply styled, at-the-waist, durable, comfortable-to-move-in pants often meant for light hiking or rock climbing that might work for her. Even Lands End has some women's styles that are kind of similar to but perhaps just different enough from the kids' Climbers -- check out the ''Outrigger Pants''!

Also hates low-rise jeans that sparkle. We have reached a bit of a fashion crises and I am looking for suggestions. Target and Old Navy's children's sections are no longer of interest to my 11 year old but the adult clothes are still too big, especially when it comes to pants.

Are there any inexpensive places to shop for tweens??? Try size 1 and 3 in the jr. My older daughter was able to find these sizes at Ross and TJ Max. My other daughter had the opposite problem. When she had outgrown kids size 16, jr. The cut was different enough that it fit well. Try the girl's section at JCPenny's. They have regular, slim and ''plus'' for girls The selection is limited to current styles, so they only have whatever is ''in,'' but they are affordable and will last long enough for your kid to outgrown them I had the same problem with my daughter.

She's 13 now and we shop in the junior's section for her. When she was 11 and 12 though, we either settled for paying a little more at high style kid's clothing stores like justice, limited too, and Macy's; or were lucky to find their clothes on sale at great places like TJ maxx and Ross.

She is at the top of then weight range so slim pants don't do it. They have plus sizes in other pants styles as well.

Rebecca asked about resources for pants for children at the top of their weight-range. We have had some luck with Old Navy, which carries Extra Loose Jeans in many children's sizes and with the Gap which features jeans with an elastic waist and a husky child category. My daughter likes the Old Navy kind best because their jeans are light weight and feel more comfortable. Another resource worth checking out is the Land's End kids catalog which offers a greater variety of sizes in some of their styles.

Land's End Kids has Girl's Plus sizes in jeans and lots of other pants styles Hope that helps Laura. We went shopping yesterday and nothing she liked fit. My daughter essentially has no waist although she is not heavy.

She has always worn elastic waist pants and shorts, leggings, or men's jeans and has not cared, but now she wants girl's bell bottoms with embroidered flowers on the legs and clothes that fit at the waist. We tried some women's clothes since she is tall, but the proportions were wrong for a young girl. I don't want her to be unhappy about her natural body shape, but fashion is working against me.

I read about the magazine dEliAs their choice of capitalization not mine in a long article in the New Yorker and ordered a catalog for a young cousin. I've looked at a few and they're pretty fun for the age set I think. Modelled on a pre-teen version of Vogue, with lots of chatter and quasi-advice columns, they have a range of baggy, hip, clothes that might work. Their on-line store is at www. To get ideas for outfits to put together, check out their Outfits We Love section for unique pairings.

PacSun is the place to shop for laid-back California fashions. The overall look is California bohemian. Each season, PacSun puts out an online Look Book that offers ideas for creating a complete look. Teens with a flair for European fashion and who have a thin body frame love retailer Brandy Melville. The store operates only online in the U.

This retailer only offers one size for all clothing items, size small. A boho-chic vibe is at the heart of Free People's clothing line. Breezy, floral dresses and lace give their clothes a sweet, feminine feel. They also carry trendy labels like Shakuhachi. In the Trends category, Free People offers look books, catalogs and a sneak peek at what upcoming fashion trends are gaining popularity. Many of the pieces have a high-fashion look, so this is a good place to go shopping for special occasion clothes.

Canadian retailer Garage features a "Now Trending" section on their website and promises to stay at the forefront of fashion on an ongoing basis. Their clothing basics feature modern cuts with feminine attributes in sizes XS through XL.

If you like simple clothing with stripes or small floral patterns in trendy cuts and styles, Garage is a great option for a wardrobe that won't match everyone else's at school. Hot Topic features clothing such as band T-shirts and unique pieces like neon skirts and pop culture items.

Check out their huge selection of band tees from groups such as Nirvana, Black Veil Brides and Paramore. The also sell plus sizes. Torrid offers an array of trendy looks in tops, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, sweaters, intimates, swimwear, accessories and more.

It caters towards plus size teen girls, with sizes ranging from 10 to They have a special Pop Culture section that features of-the-moment picks in graphic t-shirts, dresses, clothing sets and other items based on pop culture trends. Streetwear has been gaining in popularity with teens, led by online retailer Supreme. When you check out their no-frills website, you can see that part of the appeal is a skater-inspired style and part of it is modern simplicity.

Accessories, along with basic tops and bottoms in bold colors and unique patterns make up the bulk of Supreme's offerings. British retailer Topshop sells everything from retro-chic to special occasion to street style inspired clothing. They make a wide range of reasonably priced pieces to suit every taste. In addition to their in-house line, they collaborate with fashion icons like Kate Moss and famed stores like Opening Ceremony.

The retailer offers a blog where they watch fashion trends of celebrities and offer fashion styling ideas. Urban Outfitters takes its cues straight from the runways.

They carry popular labels like Dolce Vita, and Wood Wood and offer several collaborations with street-savvy designers including The Reformation.

The look is casual chic. BDG jeans are perfect for the teen who wants to make a fashion statement yet still wear something comfortable enough to go from classroom to evening basketball game. Urban Outfitters also offers a blog that features a "look of the week. Zara is a popular Spanish chain store that sells on-trend, high quality clothing without the designer price tag. Known for their stylish, European sophistication, Zara is for teens going after a more serious, fashion-forward look.

This look isn't for every teen. It is a bit more sophisticated and reminiscent of days gone by. However, if you are a teen that loves vintage clothing, then Zara offers a modern take on vintage styles. Zara also offers an online Look Book to help you get started with a new wardrobe. With these stores, teens don't have to sacrifice style to stay within their budgets.

Each offers staples like jeans and t-shirts as well as choices for the more fashion-conscious. Aeropostale is popular with teens because of the inexpensive casual collection of dresses, tees and jeans. The store often features sales that allow customers to save as much as 50 percent or more and get even more bang for the buck. The store also offers trendy uniform pieces for those who have to wear a uniform to school. American Eagle Outfitters is a go-to for teens with a casual, easy style.

It's a great place to pick up affordable, well-made basics like jeans and tees. You can also find a selection of simple dresses that can easily be dressed up or down. The site features complete outfits that model a diverse range of styles from grunge to comfortable chic.

Charlotte Russe offers a wide selection of affordable teen clothing inspired by current trends. It's a great place to shop for casual day-to-day wear and dresses for a night out. Sizes XS-XL are available.

Check out their latest clothing in the New category, where you'll find dresses casual enough to wear every day or fancy enough for an informal dance or graduation. You'll also discover which items are well-liked by others who have visited the site. Deb Shops offers inexpensive teen styles and features a special plus-size section in their stores. In addition to everyday fashions, such as jeans and tops, you'll find a nice selection of prom dresses when they are in season.

Many of the dresses come in standard or plus size, so if you find something you love in Deb's standard sizes, ask if it can be ordered in plus size. Sizes in the plus section run between 14 and Be sure to check out the latest trends to get ideas for looks to put together. Forever 21 is a go-to for young fashionistas on a budget. The store offers trendy clothes at affordable prices. They offer a range of styles from vintage-inspired to sexy to classic.

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