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King's Field Additional 2. You bring the police and the DEA into my life, and now I want you gone. After being kicked out of the army, Vic receives a pager message from Phil, telling him that he has some work for him, as well as a place to live if he needs it. Retrieved 15 January Saikyou Toudai Shogi Portable.

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Cute as a button. Browse the latest trends in baby and toddler fashion and explore the stores and restaurants at Robina Town Centre Gold Coast.
Pram Warehouse- Robina Super Centre Reviews - Baby and Maternity Products, Baby Products, Robina- see all 3 customer reviews and contact details.I love this5/5(3).
Baby Shop Open Since Online and In Store located on Gold Coast Near Robina. Huge Range of Car Seats, Prams, Cots, Toys, Car Seat Fitting Service.
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Baby Shop Open Since Online and In Store located on Gold Coast Near Robina. Huge Range of Car Seats, Prams, Cots, Toys, Car Seat Fitting Service.

Hi Pram Warehouse Official, Thank you for your reply. Firstly, I am not angry but definitely disappointed in the lack of customer service I experienced at the Robina store. Please do not confuse Mumma80 posted on Oct 17, Hi Dora We are now cancelling your order and are going to contact you to arrange the refund.

We are sorry however we did tell you that deliveries were out of our control and it would be delivere Pram Warehouse posted on Nov 28, Write a review Ask a question.

After visiting Pram Wharehouse Robina 3 times I simply don't even bother anymore, and tell all friends, and parents I know to do the same. With very few options for specialised baby shops on the Gold Coast you would think this store would use this as an opportunity to use this to their advantage!

On all 3 visits I was either the only person or one of a maximum of 4 people in the store throughout my entire visit. The first 2 visits there were 3 staff on. All were lingering around the counter gossiping about either another staff member, their weekend activities, a sales rep on one occasion, and just general chit chat customers shouldn't have to hear. This is revealed to be the case, as Martinez' men ambush Vic and Phil at the warehouse, but they manage to escape from death.

Following this incident, Phil decides to hide from Martinez for a while, while Vic cuts his ties with his treacherous ex-superior, marking Martinez as an enemy. With Marty dead, and with Louise's support, Victor decides to take over Marty's and his gang's businesses. After hiring a few henchmen, Vic and Louise attack Marty's loan sharking business, killing many of Marty's men, and taking over all of Marty's businesses.

Following this, Vic starts to get power in the city's crimeworld, establishing his own gang, the Vance Crime Family. After making his first step as a gang boss, Vic receives a Pager message telling him to meet a family member at the airport, who will help Vic in building his own businesses.

This relative turns to be Lance , Vic's younger brother, much to Vic's disappointment, who sees Lance as nothing but a troublemaker. After a conversation, the two brothers enter Vic's car, but are soon confronted by the Cholos, angry at Vic for previous clashes with the gang. The two manage to escape their attackers, though Lance crashes Vic's car. Vic then drives Lance to the latter's hotel. Vic's new business are later set on fire by Marty's cousin as an act of revenge. Vic, along with Louise, takes a fire truck and drives to the flaming business, putting out the fire.

Louise notices Marty's cousin, and Vic kills him. Vic later helps Louise in keeping her baby daughter from the welfare. After meeting Lance at the airport, Vic receives a Pager message from Umberto Robina , the leader of the Cuban gang in Vice City, who wants to work with him upon hearing he took over Marty's business.

Vic agrees, but Umberto first wants to see if Vic has the "balls" to be a business partner. Vic is given a task to take a package from a Cuban while being chased by other Cubans.

Victor succeeds picking up the package and takes it back to Umberto, forming an alliance between Vance and Robina. Umberto's later missions for Vic involve the Cubans' war with the Cholos. First, Vic is ordered by Umberto to kill Cholos who are causing him much trouble around his neighborhood.

Umberto also informs Vic that Marty had caused his business troubles. Later on, Vic finds a crying Umberto, who is afraid that his father, Alberto , will be killed by the Cholos as he went to see wrestling. Vic, finding Alberto safe, drives him to his Café Robina , whilst avoiding the Cholos. Enraged by the Cholos' attempt on his father, Umberto decides to finish the Cholos once and for all.

Vic and the Cubans arrive at a warehouse belong to the Cholos, stealing the weapons located there, and leaving a "gift" containing explosives. The warehouse is blown up, killing many of the Cholos, including their leader. Following this event, the Cholos are destroyed, with Vic and Umberto taking over their business.

Lance finds a new associate called Bryan Forbes , who will tell him about any drugs shipments sailing into the city. Driving to King Knut's Burger bar, Lance phones Forbes on the drugs, until three robbers attempt to rob the bar. Vic and Lance escape as police officers who have arrived at the scene think they are the robbers.

Lance then drives the car to Forbes' place. Vic is introduced to Forbes at the latter's apartment, being in the middle of a conversation with Lance. The three, wanting to take a van full with drugs whilst not being noticed by the police, take a second van used as a decoy to fool the officers.

After Lance and Forbes bring the van to its destination, Vic manages to escape from the police. Lance holds Bryan at a gunpoint, but Forbes manages to escape and get into a car, driving away from the Vance brothers. However, Vic and Lance chase and capture him, taking him to a building in Little Haiti to get more information.

Tied up, Forbes tells them on a dealer who can give them both money and drugs, but believes only in one-on-one meetings, so Lance will attempt the deal while Vic will watch over the scene from a nearby building. The deal, held on the docks, is revealed to be a trap, with the dealer knocking out Lance and kidnapping him. Vic chases him, saving Lance, and killing the dealer and his associates, the Sharks.

Vic and Lance return to the place where Bryan is held, wanting information on the drugs shipments. Forbes tells them he has a contact at the White Stallionz ' bar. This turns out to be another trap, and Vic and Lance find themselves surrounded by homosexual white supremacist Bikers.

After escaping the bar, killing several bikers in the procces, and returning to the place where Forbes is held, Vic and Lance notice him attempting to escape. They chase him down and kill him, obtaining his ID. Vic storms into Lance's hotel apartment, throwing his phone on the floor and threatening Lance for making trouble. Janet Vance , Vic's and Lance's mother, enters the apartment, alongside her boyfriend Javier , saying that she is clean from drugs, but the two brothers just ignore her.

Lance tells Victor of some "files" about the big shipment coming to the city at the Escobar International Airport. After getting there, they find out that the "files" were sold already. Vic and Lance discover the buyer and kill him, obtaining the files.

Lance later finds out that the shipment belongs to Jerry Martinez. The two decide to steal the shipment form Martinez for themselves. On the bridge to Washington Beach , the two are attacked by Martinez, who's in a Hunter , firing missiles at them. The two manage to lose Martinez thanks to the police, and drive the drugs into a new safehouse.

Back at the new safehouse, Vic phones Martinez, taunting him. Martinez reveals that the cocaine they stole belonged to Diego and Armando Mendez , and that they will kill anyone who is involved with their drugs, including Vic and Martinez himself.

Lance tells Vic he has a buyer who will pay for the drugs, and with the money the Mendez brothers will be unable to touch them. Driving to the North Point Mall in Vice Point , Vic and Lance meet Spitz , the buyer, who needs a stuntman to finish a horror movie for him inside the mall.

Vic decides to do the stunts while Spitz and Lance do their drug trade. Once finished Vic and Lance both drive over to Lance's apartment in Ocean Beach to pick up the rest of the drugs but upon arriving they find out that their mother and her boyfriend have taken all the drugs. After helping Spitz with the stunts of his film, Spitz sends Vic a message telling him to go to someone called Reni at the InterGlobal Films studios.

At the studios, Vic meets Reni Wassulmaier , a transsexual film director, and his assistant Frankie. As Reni tries to flirt with Vic, Frankie enters the room, telling them that their stunt man quit because of Reni touching his buttocks. Vic agrees to replace the stuntman and Reni films his stunts. Vic then begins to work with Reni. As the cocaine is gone with their mother, Lance becomes worried of what will happen to him and Vic when the Mendez brothers will find out who stole their cocaine.

After Vic argued with Lance, they get a phone telling them that the Mendez brothers have launched an assault on their businesses. Vic and Lance, with help from their gang, manage to kill every Mendez goon, protecting their business.

Armando suggest that the Vance brothers will work together with him and Diego, which would spare Vic and Lance from death. Having no other option, Vic and Lance begin to work for the Mendez Cartel. Armando asks them who has been ripping them off, with Lance answering it was Martinez.

Armando demands from Vic and Lance a proof immediately. Knowing that Martinez is turning states, Lance convinces Vic to take photos of Martinez speaking with the police. After taking the photos, Vic and Lance use them along with Forbes' ID to make it look like Martinez was an undercover agent. Having the "proof", Vic begins to work for Armando.

Armando's first mission for Vic is to take care of Bikers who have not paid their long-time debts for Mendez' gang. At Vice Point , Vic kills the bikers, finishing off even the ones who tried to escape. In the second mission, Vic enters the mansion, finding Diego who does not want to talk with him. Armando appears and tells Vic to get rid of two rival dealers at Ocean Beach.

Vic kills the first one with no effort, and then finds a heavily guarded second one, by his prostitutes. He and his bodyguards are also killed by Vic. Armando later tells Vic that Diego has told the police that the stolen cocaine belongs to Vic. In order to save himself from being arrested, Vic takes a Maverick with a magnet and flies towards the containers, taking them away and dropping them in different locations.

Vic and Lance set to destroy police antennas, leaving the DEA without any way or evidence to arrest the two Vance brothers. After his jobs for the Mendez brothers, Vic returns to work with Reni. Reni first asks Vic to help an associate, Gonzalez , in protecting his drugs whilst he moves the drugs to Viceport.

At Downtown , Vic meets Gonzalez, who informs him that they need to move the drugs, which belong to his boss, Juan Cortez. Vic protects Gonzalez and the drugs from attacking boats belonging to the Sharks , leading them to safety. The Forellis attack Barry and Phil, attempting to assassinate the latter, but Vic manages to kill the Forelli hitmen and drive the two to safety, to their hotel on Ocean Beach.

Phil's concert in the Hyman Memorial Stadium in Downtown is about to be started in a few days, but he fears about entering the stadium due to him being targeted by the Forellis. Vic is sent by Reni and Barry to clean the stadium of hitmen. After Vic kills every hitman in the area, Phil arrives at the stadium. After his jobs with Reni, Vic begins to help Gonzalez on a couple of missions.

Vic meets Gonzalez at the golf range in Leaf Links , who asks Vic if he knows how to play golf. Gonzalez tells Vic that if he can play golf, then they can start a business relationship.

During the golf game, Vic gets a perfect score by hitting a tied man who betrayed Gonzalez, leading Gonzalez to praise him, starting a new, short partnership between them.

Taking the van full of drugs, Vic drives to the meeting place, only to be ambushed by drug dealers. Going to a pay-phone, Vic, drugged, calls to Gonzalez, telling him the situation. Furious, Gonzalez orders Vic to take back the drugs from the thieves and kill them. Vic brings back the van with drugs to Gonzalez.

Gonzalez thanks him for bringing back the drugs, but due to Vic's partial failure and some of the dealers being enemies, Gonzalez cuts his ties with him. Coming to Lance's apartment, after a brief talk, Vic asks Lance who stole their drugs. Lance blames the theft on the Bikers. After a shootout over Downtown , Lance falls from the helicopter while Vic bails out as the helicopter is destroyed. After killing all the bikers, Vic finds Lance safe and alive, who takes a Chopper for himself and rides away on a ramp.

Vic arrives again in Lance's apartment, finding out he is using the cocaine for himself. Louise, also high, comes out from the kitchen, much to Vic's shock. After a loud argument, Lance, annoyed by the idea that Vic treats him like a child, runs out to his helicopter and threatens that he will spread all the cocaine over the city.

Vic drives a hovercraft and manages to pick up all the packages. Vic later finds a half-asleep Lance who does not remember what he has done. Louise calls Lance's apartment, telling Vic that Martinez' men were following her and she is hiding behind a burger bar in Little Haiti.

Vic finds her, kills Martinez' men, and takes her to a hospital. Vic begins to work for drug baron Ricardo Diaz , who is aware of Gonzalez' deal. Diaz sends Vic and Lance to steal Gonzalez' shipment.

One of Gonzalez' goons comes out of the strip club and drives off in a sports car parked there and they decide to follow him. Vic follows him until eventually finding and stealing a speedboat loaded with the drugs, taking it back to Diaz. Vic and Diaz at the latter's mansion. Later, Diaz made a deal with the DEA, and in exchange for the drugs he will give to the agency, they will give him heavy weapons.

Vic and some of Diaz' men go to the meeting point in Downtown. Gonzalez' men attack them, killing Vic's henchmen, but Vic manages to kill them and clear the meeting place before the DEA agents arrive.

After getting the truck with the weapons, Vic heads back to Diaz' mansion. Diaz later captures Gonzalez, wanting him to work for and tell Diaz on every shipment coming into Vice City. As Gonzalez has to fly away from the city with the Colonel's drugs but is threatened to be killed by the Sharks, Vic serves as a bodyguard for him, watching over as Gonzalez first drives a truck to the airport, and then gets on his plane away from the Sharks.

Armando and Diego offering Vic and Lance their freedom in exchange for their assets. Vic and Lance meet with the Mendez brothers at their mansion. The Mendez brothers offer Vic and Lance their freedom, only if they will leave the city and hand over their assets to the Cartel. Vic and Lance refuse, and are soon attacked and knocked out by Mendez bodyguards.

The two are taken, weaponless, to an area in Viceport and are placed beside three oil tankers. Mendez goons that were ordered to finish them off aim at the Vance brothers, but they miss and die due to a tanker exploding from being shot. After escaping, Vic and Lance split up, knowing now that they are enemies of the Mendez Cartel. Following the incident, Vic cuts all of his ties with the Mendez brothers.

As the Mendez brothers launch an attack on Vic's and Lance's business empire, Lance sets a counter attack. The two get support from Phil Cassidy , and Umberto and his Cubans. Vic and his allies manage to protect their business empire from the attacking Mendez goons. After Vic and Lance cleared their area from the Mendez goons, Umberto and Phil send a Pager message to Lance, saying that they too cleaned the businesses from the Mendez brothers.

After the betrayal of Mendez, Vic is informed by Lance that Martinez is attempting to kidnap Louise, who is about to come out of the hospital. After picking up Louise, Lance sends him a message telling him he is stuck in a burning building. Taking a helicopter on the hospital's roof, Vic and Louise set to rescue Lance. Lance reveals he was attacked by Martinez's goons who stole his money. After Lance takes back his money from the dead goons, he leaves Vic, who takes Louise back to her sister 's house.

Vic returns to Diaz' mansion, finding out that Lance has borrowed money from Diaz. Outside the mansion, one of his men tells him that Lance ordered a high-tech gear near to Mendez' mansion. Vic drives to find a van with a gear to control Armando's robotic servant, Domestobot. Controling the robot, Vic tries to find the Mendez brothers' safe, containing the Cartel's money.

After doing a few tasks for Armando, Vic finds the safe and uses the robot's lighter to set it on fire. An angry Armando pulls out a pistol and destroys the robot.

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